On Monday evening, my good friend Drew was climbing a tree and fell 30 feet onto his head. He was unconscious and not breathing when they rushed him to the hospital. They were able to get him breathing again, but his brain activity was down to 3 (1 is death, 15 is normal). The ICU doctors operated Tuesday afternoon to try and relieve the pressure in his brain. They were successful, but the pressure rose again and they had to do an emergency surgery again on Wednesday. As of this afternoon, Drew is still in a coma in ICU, but his brain activity has increased to 7 and his breathing and bodily function is normal. The pressure in his brain has dropped to 10 (it was formerly 22). He is still in critical condition, but the doctors have decided to wait a day and a half to see where he is then. He is currently in a drug-induced paralysis so that he will not injure himself further (he has been thrashing around wildly despite his semi-comatose state). He has other injuries as well: a badly broken arm, one fractured rib, and a minor break in his back. Please keep him in your prayers. His parents are taking it very well considering everything. He has two younger siblings. Please keep them in your prayers as well. Drew is a sophomore in high school. Please keep praying. In Him, David S. MacMillan III