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Blogs just like this one that focus on apologetics, Christianity, or politics . . . you get the point.

Ken's Blog
  • Around the World with AiG's Ken Ham
PowerLine Blog
  • A great news blog run by three conservative attorneys
Strangely Normal
  • Real. Conservative. Teen. His sidebar resembles a double marathon, but we'll forgive him that. He's Strangely Normal. Or Normally Strange? We may never know.
The Truth About Macroevolution
  • Did life originate as a result of random chance? Find out!
Agent Tim
  • We know that Agent Tim is a member of some three-letter agency, but we can't figure out which.
Gabriel Bertilson
  • A great guy. Kinda confused about the age of the earth, but . . . he rocks.
The Account
  • DJ's Blog: Provinding an Evangelical Christian's view of the world.
Scott's Conservative News and Commentary
  • Conservative News Daily by four great guys.
The Rebelution
  • Alex and Brett Harris are following in the footsteps of their older family members by speaking out for God to their own generation. In The Rebelution, they're applying their gifts to the challenge of calling young adults to use their teenage years to prepare themselves for all of life to the glory of God.
BoyScout Blogger
  • A blog for Christians, Conservatives, Homeschoolers, and Boy Scouts
Lantern Waste
  • The blog of a graduated homeschool student at Patrick Henry College
Devoted 13
  • A site run by three Christians committed to spreading the Gospel and edifying believers.
Stone Pavement
  • A Contemporary Christian Community in Cotsworlds, England
SNS News
  • Stories, News, Sports, and other stuff by Tash and Co.
Pete's Place
  • The Christian Blog of a Fellow Gen-Jer
The King's Highway
  • The Most Valuable Blogger, or so he says.

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