Hey everyone, In the past few weeks, I've had a great time debating on this blog using comments. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to post here. However, I'd like to stop a problem before it starts. This problem is foul language. So far I've just had one person use words that aren't exactly kosher, but I want to make sure that there's no confusion here. Because of this, I've decided to post a few rules:
  1. I reserve the right to be the final appeal for any and all violations of the following rules.
  2. Any comments containing words that I deem inappropriate will be immediately deleted. Usually, the comment will be re-posted by me with the words removed.
  3. Any comments that are of a libelious or superflous nature will be deleted and not posted again.
  4. These rules are subject to change without notice.

So, what is inappropriate? Here's a quick test: Would you use the language in official correspondence to George W. Bush (or Senator Kerry if you're a liberal)? Not that I'm a VIP, but that's a good rule of thumb to use. :-)

Hopefully this will stop a potential problem before it starts!

In Him,



jonCV said...

replying to theo's blog, do you really have to say literally in that case. Is it literally necessary?

P.S. you guys are so doophane!

pete said...

Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know that you can get a system called Haloscan with which you can delete unwanted posts... It's free, and very nice to have around when unwanted language and people get on one's blog.

Anyway, great blog you have here! (I just found it by way of the blog grapevine...:)) And I hope to be able to participate in any other issues that you choose to discuss in the future.

jonCV said...

or you can just click the trashcan by the comment. im sorry im such a plague to society, fergers.

Thrasher said...


Sorry, but I just think of Haloscan as being a scourge. I've never used it, but I hate commenting on it, and word is that it gets rid of comments after a few months (unless you get the paid version). The new Blogger commenting system is actually quite good, and you can set it to work as a popup window if you wish.

pete said...

neofacist, if you've never used it as you say, how can you hate using it? ;)

Gabriel Bertilson said...

On Theo's blog, the link “Brenna's blog” links to http://www.tomboysupreme.blospot.com. It should be corrected it so that it links to www.tomboysupreme.blogspot.com.

Thrasher said...

LOL, I don't hate *using* it, I hate *commenting* on it, because of that stupid 500 character limit. And then, of course, all the conversations are supposedly deleted after a few months anyway...

pete said...

No, actually the comments are never deleted... I've never heard of a 500 character limit either! Where did you hear that from?

Anyway, who posts more than 500 characters for a comment anyway? ;)

Gabriel Bertilson said...

Hey, David,

I wish I could post on Christian Anarchy, but I don't have a blog. Is there any way I can post on Christian Anarchy without having a blog?

David S. MacMillan III said...


Absolutely. I'll post my email address on Generation Joshua, and you can email me. I'll reply and tell you how it works. That way our email addresses aren't spread all over the internet. :-)