#1 Problem: Young-Earth Creationists?

According to the leader of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), the number 1 problem facing Christian Colleges today is not philosophical relativism or the culture war or a myriad of other legitimate problems. No, at a recent meeting of the CCCU the leader of the group stated that the greatest problem for Christian colleges is "the attack of young-earth creationists"!!! Not young-earth creationism being attacked. Young-earth creationists that are supposedly "attacking" these colleges. "They will call good evil and evil good. . . ." To read the entire article by Dr. Terry Mortenson of Answers In Genesis, click here. In Him, D3


David Ketter said...

Talk about ridiculous...

Seriously, if every Christian was as passionate as many young earth creationists (such as yourself), the Church would be ON FIRE! I'm not talking about being passionate about YEC necessarily, but just the passion period.

Rabenstrange said...

This is just one example of the division in the church that is preventing us from reaching the world effectively.

It's also an example of what's wrong with our society in general, whenever something goes wrong people try and find a scapegoat instead of taking the iniative to fix the problem.