The Best Solution to the Immigration Problem

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Look. I have no problem whatsoever with immigration. Granted, you should probably speak English or at least want to learn how before coming to the U.S. of A., and you'll have to leave your flag behind you, but if you think about it all of our ancestors were once immigrants so a bias against legal immigration is just plain irrational. But illegal immigration is a different thing altogether. Rather than coming in like respectable people, illegal immigrants want to take our Social Security and our police protection and our governmental system (which, by the way, is the best in the world) and refuse to pay taxes to support it. All this while stubbornly refusing to learn English and hanging on to their own cultural flair to the exclusion of an American way of life. I am all in favor of electrified Constantine Wire plus land mines along our borders. If some guy comes to my front door, then fine. If he tries to jimmy his way in the back window, he will probably find himself full of buckshot. Honesty is always the best policy. Houston Chronicle StoryBut electrified fencing and land mines aren't particularly humane, so Texas (yee-hah!) governor Rick Perry has announced a revolutionary plan to solve the border crises that floods Texas will illegal immigrants every day. His idea: use the Internet and high-speed digital cameras to automatically create thousands of unpaid border control agents across the United States. Perry estimates that the system would cost about $5,000,000, a small price to pay in exchange for the power would be created. Voyeuristic web surfers would be able to view live streams of the Texas-Mexico border 24/7 and have a toll-free number to report illegals trying to enter. This is all part of Perry's $20 million plan to secure the Texas border without any federal help. Sounds good to me! Texas forever! In Him, David S. MacMillan III


Scott W. Somerville said...

Sorry to rain on your blog... but "the final solution" might as well be protected by copyright. Adolf Hitler trademarked that memorable phrase way back in 1940 or so, and anybody who uses it now either needs his permission--or gets branded as a Nazi.

So--if you WANT to be instantly marginalized, you've picked the perfect method. But if you want to make a point effectively, you're going to have to write your own new material.

brian said...

well considering that he is prepared to use land-mines and an electrified fence, I think that puts him within his right to use the phrase "The Final Solution".

whatever happened to "Jesus loves you"?

Anonymous said...

you should put up a blog post on net-neutrality.