The Crux (or Crescent) of Islam

A recent article I wrote concerning the Iranian nuclear program sparked a lively debate in the comment section. I thought it was a good idea to post my thoughts on the subject: The majority of the Muslims in the Middle East are conservatives. They pray 5X a day, make their little pilgrimage, etc., and hope they can get into heaven. They openly rejoice whenever a terrorist bombing occurs. Many give financial support to terrorist entities. Muslims are not guaranteed their salvation. One of Muhammud's closest friends said that "Even if I had one foot in Paradise, I would not trust to the cunning of Allah." Muhammad himself did not know for sure whether he would "make it". The only way for a Muslim to be sure he will get to Paradise is to die while killing the infidel. If they succeed in this, all past history of failures and mistakes is glossed over, and they are ushered into heaven where their 70+ virgin wives await them ASAP. Such are the so-called "fundamentalist" Muslims, who make up a larger percentage than you might think. Many Muslims do not follow the Koran to the letter out of convenience' sake. They figure that they have more than a 50% chance without going on a terrorist mission, so they shoot for the easy way. However, if there is any open demonstration against the "infidel", these conservatives will quickly become radicals. Obviously, a nuclear holocaust is the very first thing that radical Muslims want! The more conservative Muslims who hold high office in Iran pay lip service out of one end of their forked tongues to us, and meanwhile hand weapons and funding to terrorist groups who are willing to do the "dirty work". One of the commenters said that "Iran says it's only planning to use the nuclear technology for the purpose of energy." Sure. Then why, when offered an annual supply of pre-manufactured nuclear fuel, did Iran refuse? The US and Great Britain offered to supply lower-grade nuclear fuel free of charge. But Iran had to have the higher-grade stuff . . . capable of making bombs. Israel is not hostile to the Muslims. They offend the Muslims simply by existing! Islam teaches that the Jews were turned into pigs and monkeys because they were so vile. Muslims will not stop attacking Israel until it is pushed into the sea. One of the commenters said that "the US then should be willing to disarm completely rather than complain about other countries feeling threatened and therefore wanting the weapons." Maybe if I set an example by destroying my handgun (hypothetical), the criminals will follow the example and do the same, but I don't think so. If Iran has nuclear weapons, the knowledge that using them would cause a nuclear holocaust might keep the conservatives from using them in an all-out attempt to destroy the U.S. and Israel. However, if the fundamentalist faction got their hands on some nukes, they wouldn't hesistate to start making plans for a full-scale attack. Therefore, anyone can see that it is in our best interest to keep nukes out of Islamic hands and in our own. To quote Teddy Roosevelt, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." If we carry the stick and make sure no one who hates us has one, maybe we won't need to use it. In Him, D3


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Interesting post. While it may or may not be true that the majority of Middle Eastern muslims "rejoice" at terrorist attacks against western nations, it seems quite evident that the majority of muslims living in western nations do NOT rejoice at such actions, and in fact are quite concerned with peace and tolerance.

In fact, there are really two faces of Islam... and the distinction should be really clearly made...

David S. MacMillan III said...

I agree wholeheartedly that there are two faces of Islam: the face that follows the Koran to the letter, and the face that does not.

Most Muslims in the U.S. and other western nations are grieved when a terrorist attack occurs, since they take the "kill all the infidel" parts of the Koran figuratively, or they don't read them at all.

Most Muslims in Middle Eastern countries want us all dead.

Two faces of Islam? Absolutely. But we can't afford to trust the one on account of the peacefulness of the other.