New Name: the Same Site

Hey Cyberspace,

As you've probably noticed, this site has experienced a MAJOR facelift. Not only has a new header image been posted, but I've entirely changed the name of the site! What used to be "D3's Blog" is now "In Rejection of Mediocrity"!

I had been thinking about a name change for quite some time, and I recently decided on something similar to "In Pursuit of Mediocrity". Of course, I didn't want to put in "Pursuit" but rather something exactly opposite. "Rejection" seemed to fit the bill pretty well, so that's what I went with.

I'll also be renovating quite a bit of the sidebar content. A while back, I discovered that post pages can be used as separate sections, so that's where I put my Links and BlogRoll Stats. Soon, BlogRoll Chats will follow.

I'm also thinking about adding cycling "thought for the day" and "Scripture of the day" sections in the sidebar with their own RSS feeds and maybe even some animated image links.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to make this site easier to navigate and more attractive?

In Him,



Kristin said...

It looks really good and I like the new name.

One suggestion I have is to make the text a darker color. Perhaps it's just my monitor (and my bad eyes), but the silver-grayish text is often hard to read. But honestly, I really like what you've done so far and I can't wait to see what else you have in mind!


SecDef said...

I noticed that you replaced the F-15 with a B-2! How could you do such a thing?! (Just kidding! :D)

Looks nice! :)

David S. MacMillan III said...

Actually . . . no I didn't. This site used to be "D3's Blog", and the picture had a B2 Spirit in it as well (as you can see rather easily by clicking here). The site with an F15 Eagle is The Account, run by my pal David Ketter. I made the header for his site also.

Incidentally, I greatly prefer the new F/A-22 Raptor and the similar X-35B JSF to the older, less manueverable Eagle. There are three really great things about the X-35B JSF (Joint Strike Fighter):

1. It has "supercruise", which allows it to break the speed of sound without use of its afterburners. Very effective when traversing long distances.

2. It has both fighter and ground attack capabilities, with a maximum payload of 15,430 lbs and an ability to carry 1,000 lb bombs, along with a 932 mile air combat range (compare to no ground attack capabilities and only 789 mile range for the F-15 Eagle, making it useless apart from close air superiority missions).

3. Best of all, the X-35B JSF model has a jet blast nozzle that rotates approx. 110 degrees! This means that not only can it take off and land vertically from a carrier, but if a bogey is on its tail it can actually "brake" in mid-air, allowing the bogey to pass over it, then apply full afterburners to turn the tables.

Before the JSF, tailed fighters were forced to stall their aircraft to evade destruction. This made it hard for such a plane to recover and return the attack. Due to the X-35B's hovering capability, all such problems are solved.

The B-2 Spirit rocks too, by the way :-). It's unique, flat design prevents it from being picked up by radar, and it works much more effectively than the other stealth plane, the F-117 Nighthawk.

David Ketter said...

One thing I'd recommend, at least, is to change the width of the main content section. Whenever I load this site, the Google ads are on the sidebar and there's blank white space across the rest of the page. I have to scroll down aways to even read it. If you need a screen shot, I can do that...just let me know.

SecDef said...

Oh, sorry; I got you two mixed up. :D Yes, the F/A-22 is AWESOME!!! I hope they continue on and make the FB-22!

David S. MacMillan III said...

I know about the problem with the Ads being in the sidebar and the rest of the site being below. The size and arrangement through the Blogger template are such that unless the viewing screen is 800+ pixels wide, the main content is bumped down.

You can fix this problem on your computer by removing or sizing down your favorites/history/search sidebar. :-)

I'll try to get it fixed if I can.

As for the F/A-22:

F/A stands for Fighter/Ground Attack, not Fighter version A.

If they standardize the X-35B JSF they will probably call it either:

1. the F/A-35 Joint Strike Fighter

2. the F/A-22B Raptor

or 3. the F/A-22B Joint Strike Fighter.


SecDef said...

"F/A stands for Fighter/Ground Attack, not Fighter version A."

Yes, but they are thinking of making a bomber version, the FB-22.


As you can see, it is based on the F/A-22, but is quite different, with a longer range, greater payload, etc.

JSF: It is being produced in three version, F-35A (US Air Force variant), F-35B (USMC/RN variant), and F-35C (US Navy variant). So far, it looks like they will stick with just the "F;" but, then again, the Raptor didn't become the F/A-22 until a few years ago. :)

David Ketter said...


I don't use those search/fav/etc. sidebars at all...lol...and my monitor 800x600...so that shouldn't be an issue...

David S. MacMillan III said...

Hey DJ,

Send me a screenshot then. We'll get to the bottom of this!

BTW, SecDef, I checked out the link to the FB-22. It's a beautiful little plane. But what is better is the X-44 (you can find out about it by doing a Google search for "X-44 MANTA"). I saw it when I was at the globalsecurity page you referred me to.

In Him,