All religions okay . . . except one!

At the Tulsa Zoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, displays include a myriad of religious symbols. But one religion is anathema. The displays include Native American mysticism in the shape of a globe saying "The Earth is our Mother, the Sky is our Father" and statues of the Indian god Ganesha. An elaborate painting of the Pueblo rain god Tlaloc heralds South American deities and beliefs. But when local leaders asked the Tulsa Zoo board of directors to include the Genesis account of Creation as one of their displays, they were turned down. Why? They didn't want to include "religious symbols." After several petitions went out, the board finally voted to allow the display at left to be placed in the zoo (click image to enlarge). Sadly, however, what a local news poll confirmed as a 25% minority has convinced the board members to overturn the decision and block this display. The reason is that scientific creationism is believed by the majority of Americans. Its ideas are sound and it is founded in good scientific inquiry. A display suggesting this view might influence visitors away from Evolutionism. Without the theory of evolution, we might just be accountable to a Supreme Being for our actions . . . an idea that the board members at the Tulsa Zoo obviously find horrific. Dan Hicks, the Tulsa mayor, is spearheading the campaign to get this display okayed for the zoo. He and others have set up an online petition for this issue. I encourage all of my readers to sign this; it will only take a few moments and it is well worth your time. Imagine what a victory it would be to end this censorship! Sign the petition at www.CREATEzoo.org. As I write this, there are well over 200 signatures so far. We must make this number balloon! I will be counting the number of clicks on the above link to find out how many of you are going! In Him, D3


Lindsey said...

I clicked the link!

Tash said...

The pilgrims must be spinning in their graves... It's amazing how far our country has fallen in the last 70 years.

Lindsey said...

D3, I think you ought to know that your layout has kind of fallen to the bottom of the page. In the beginning it is all plain white and you have to scroll down in order to see the posts. :) Just wanted to let you know...

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the true story, but it's obvious your accounting of it must be a mischaracization of the Tulsa Zoo's position, because no one thinks like that. It's amazing how many mischarizations of other peoples opinions I read online, people should try to make a more reasonable effort to understand other viewpoints.

David S. MacMillan III said...

I don't know what the true story [is],

The true story is what I just wrote. Go to www.AnswersInGenesis.org and search for "Tulsa Zoo" for a full account.

but it's obvious your accounting of it must be a mischaracization of the Tulsa Zoo's position, because no one thinks like that.

No one thinks like that? A very broad statement, to say the least.

You are correct. No one thinks "like that" in that no intellectually honest person would arbitrarily throw out a particular religious viewpoint.

But this is not about arbitrary decisions. I made it quite clear in my article that the directors of Tulsa Zoo have a very real bias against Christians and Creationism. They simply cannot stomach the truth, so they invented an explanation that they do not want "religious symbols".

Now that the locals have pointed out the myriad of "religious symbols" currently on display, the directors are considering removing any symbols they would consider "religious" in order to save face.

It's amazing how many mischarizations of other people[']s opinions I read online,

Exactly how did I mischaracterize the directors of the Tulsa Zoo? Tell me what I made it to appear that they said/thought and what they actually said/thought.

people should try to make a more reasonable effort to understand other viewpoints.

What do you think this website is all about? I understand the "viewpoints" of the Tulsa Zoo directors perfectly. Every shred of information regarding this issue points to the hypothesis that they are anti-christian and that this permiates all their decisions.

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Any questions?

yes, just one, have you talked to these people from the Tulsa zoo personally? I bet if you did you would discover they don't hate christians, and they are not anti-christian. (I could be wrong) but realistically it's most likely the case they are not anti-christian, there really are very few people in America who are anti-christian.

MVB said...

I've heard stories similar to this one several times.... Very sad.

I'll sign the petition...