A Very Bad Blogger. . . .

Hey Cyberspace, I looked at my website today and realized that I had not blogged in nearly a month! All of you probably know the reason. Busy, busy, busy. I finished my first quarter finals for my college paralegal course on Thursday, so hopefully I'll have time to get caught up on life in general during the next two weeks while I am on break. But not now. Our family is preparing to head off to a Worldview Weekend seminar in the Smoky Mountains. Speakers/singers will include Ken Ham, David Barton, Woodrow Kroll, Al Denson, Kerby Anderson, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, and Brannon Howse. So I won't be blogging until after I return on Monday. Until then, God bless you and have a great day! In Him, David S. MacMillan III


MVB said...

You're not a bad blogger, just a busy one. :) The seminar you will be attending sounds good. Ken Ham and David Barton are awesome!

Palm boy said...

The Worldview weekends are awsome!!!
You'll come back fully charged!

Dr. Ransom said...

"Dr. Ransom" here, reporting back from Worldview Weekend, where I met the aforementioned author.

Indeed, the event was fully charging. We've had a successful fusion reaction, intregrating Education (through everything), Empathy (promotion of Christ-centered charities), Edification (through music) and of course Evengalism -- the four pillars of church activity, as apologetics artist Don Veinot (Midwest Christian Outreach) wrote recently.

(WW even had some very appropriate Entertainment thrown in.)

So, David -- would you like to blog about this, or shall I? Or perhaps ... both of us!

Stop being busy and get to work!

Lindsey said...

We're all busy; we understand! (And from what I've seen of your blog, you are NOT a bad blogger!)