In Absentia: TeenPact!

This week, I will be attending my state's TeenPact Youth Leadership Camp. TeenPact has been a great part of my government curriculum, and I would encourage all homeschooled teens, civics-minded or not, to attend. But more on that later. There is a new blog action on the horizon! In just a few days (see above), Regenerate Our Culture will be launching! This admirable drive by such notables as Tim Sweetman and Alex King is a culmination of the blogability of 15 top bloggers. I am honored to be a part of this team. I will start writing for this group during their second issue on Creation and Evolution. Check out the goals of Regenerate Our Culture here! In the meantime: State Capitol, here I come! In Him, David S. MacMillan III


Alexander Blair said...

*on annual blog read*

No comments?! :O I shall remedy that! Wow...seems that everyone went to TP. Have fun! :) May God bless your time there, and show you what He wants you to see!

paradoxically correct said...

*on search for good Christian teen blogs*

Only one comment?! :O Must remedy that.

My wonderful friends in FL are at Teenpact. *grumble* Teenpact must come to my state...NOW!

Anyway, God Bless. :)