NewsFlash: TeenPact Primary Elections!

Breaking News Last night, the TeenPact primary election ballot for the 2006 National Convention opened up for absentee voting! If you have ever attended a TeenPact 4-day State class, you are eligible to vote. Here's how it works: Go to http://teenpact.com/elections/primary_parties.html and select your party. Each year, TeenPact chooses a hot political topic and creates several parties with different platforms in order to divide the candidates up. This year, the subject was illegal immigration, and the three parties were More Minute Men, Christian Amnesty, and Bush Guest Worker. The More Minute Men party is clearly the best choice. Why? Not only are all the cool candidates running in this party, but this is the only party that can include the proper response to the illegal immigration problem: snipers and land mines. Understand, I have no problem with immigration; our ancestors all came here as immigrants at one time or another. But I do have a big problem with illegal immigrants who seek to leach money out of our government without paying taxes. So, when you go to the elections, select the "More Minute Men" party. For the presidency, vote for Daniel Monplaisir and Anna Boyles. They are undoubtedly the best candidates for the presidency. For the Senate and House of Representatives, I can only suggest that you vote for Chip Cocks for Senate and Paul Martin for the House. They both staffed my TeenPact state class this last year and are really great guys. And Chip is awesome at Ultimate Frisbee, too. . . . So get out and VOTE! In Him, David S. MacMillan III

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Kierstyn Paulino said...

You gonna be there? or just getting the word out???

**note: if I don't reply its because I'm at NC running under the More Minute Men party**