Get Christ Out of Schools!

Breaking News Today, the Kentucky State Board of Education voted a compromise on the issue of dates in public school textbooks. No, dinner-and-a-movie. Historical dates. The year A.D. 2006. In the eighth century after Christ, people began designating the years using the Latin term Anno Domini, which literally means the year of our Lord. This was in reference to the reckoned year of Jesus' birth and the widespread impact that Christianity had history and culture. Years before Christ are indicated by "B.C.", "Before Christ." The terms "A.D." and "B.C." are used around the world as the international and scientific standard for designating years. The United Nations even uses this designation. More recently, it has become politically correct to mask the Christian connotations of our world's dating system by using the letters "C.E.", or "Common Era", and "B.C.E.", or "Before the Common Era". Such usage has become common in our nation's colleges and museums. So it was not long before propositions began to crop up to change the "AD/BC" designation to "CE/BCE". Just a few hours ago, the Board of Education decided to keep the traditional method, but tack on the newer system as a subset. In Kentucky, the year is now "A.D./C.E. 2006." Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst for the Family Foundation of Kentucky, was heartily opposed to the whole idea:
"Why do you need to change the dating system we've used for 2000 years unless you have some sort of political agenda?"
He pointed out that this is one of the last meetings of the Board before new, more conservative members appointed by Governor Fletcher will join. Lisa Gross, the spokesperson for the Board, denied any such connection. She said that the change was necessary to keep up with the standards set by colleges across America. Susan Griffin, of the National Council for Student Studies, echoed her view.
"I think that's a very legitimate reason to do it -- you have to recognize what's going on in colleges and universities so your students don't look like they're out of touch."
It is always for the children, now isn't it? In Him, David S. MacMillan III Quotes for this article were taken from the Lexington Herald-Leader.


David Peyton said...

How unbelievably sad! When God passes deserved judgement on our world, it will come as absolutely no surprise at all.

Can you believe that Christ is so offensive to them that they want to virtually remove every trace of impact that He has had on the world?! I would not be surprised either, to see a persecution of Christians considering we see such things happening already.

David Ketter said...

David (both of you, I guess)...

Dr. Albert Mohler actually estimates that it will be illegal to preach the Gospel in the United States in about 10 years...We're in for it, boys...let's give 'em a fight!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I'm an atheist and even *I* think this initiative is stupid. Sorry if you don't like the fact that our society has used the birth of Jesus for a starting poing in recording time, GET OVER IT! This BCE/CE stuff is just ridiculous, you're still measuring time from the very same starting point, just slapping a different name on it!

There are lots of better and more important things to do in regards to removing peoples' gods from public schools than messing around with BC/AD dating schemes. What a waste of effort.

As for it being illegal to preach the gospel in 10 years....don't be ridiculous, look at your source! Mohler looks to be like a walking version of a Chick tract, judging by what google turns up.

Even if that did happen...believe me, people trying to outlaw legal religious expression are going to see a backlash from the atheists, too. We're not stupid, we know that if you clamp down on one system of belief, we're not far off from having our system of un-belief targeted.