"Random" Mutations: Designed?

In the mid-70's, Japanese scientists discovered a bacteria that had suddenly acquired the ability to digest nylon waste. Further study revealed that this new ability was the result of a specific mutation in the genetic code. Evolutionists were quick to point out that this mutation resulted in new information being added to the DNA of the bacteria, substantiating their claim that mutations coupled with natural selection had been the fuel behind the origin of species. The secular scientific crowd filed it away in their box of "infallible evidences" to use whenever a pesky creationist exposed them. A, T, G, and C: Click to enlargeThe mutation that had occurred was called a "frameshift" mutation. Under a specific type of stress, the copying system of the DNA had gotten skewed. An entire sequence of DNA moved one whole step over, changing the structure and re-building the protein it was intended to code for. The rebuilt protein was able to digest nylon waste, an ability that had never been observed before. So is this really proof of beneficial mutations that add to the genetic code and push an organism up on the Darwinian ladder? Mutations are generally random. They never happen the same way twice. But scientists studying this particular microbe found that whenever they subjected it to environmental stress, it somehow mutated the same exact way. Whenever this microbe had a lack of resources that messed up its copying routine, the DNA shifted over, changing the protein type and giving the organism new abilities! Obviously this is not a random mutation. Under close examination, it becomes apparent that the DNA is "set up" so that it can "reveal" new stretches of DNA under stress. It is as if the "G" encyclopedia, when read backwards, doubled as the "M" encyclopedia. This is not the time to praise the system that reads the encyclopedia backwards for its "amazing ability" to "change the information". No, the "M" encyclopedia already existed, written "between the lines" of the "G" encyclopedia. What the evolutionists thought would help them actually hurts them. They have lost their amazing "random mutation" that increases the information, and now they have to explain how a DNA code evolved that had hidden information in it ready to be released when certain mechanisms kick into action.
"They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator. . . ." (Romans 1:24)
What will it take before sinful man will acknowledge the power of God? In Him, David S. MacMillan III

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David Peyton said...

Another great post David! What will change their hearts and minds is the powerful working of the Holy Spirit. There is no blindness darker that that experienced by those outside the glory of the majesty of Christ!