Bible Bowl

Hey guys,

Today, my younger brother and sister are going to Cincinnati for a Bible Bowl tournament (Boy, I like links, don't I?).

My dad wanted me to make personalized name tags for each of the kids on the team. I used a trial edition of Adobe Photoshop that came with a book we purchased. It's a trial edition not only because it says so, but because it's a real trial to use it! You cannot save anything from the Photoshop application since it's the free version, so you have to Ctrl-PrintScreen (Copy screen contents onto the clipboard) in order to save your work.

Here is a sample of one of the nametags.

Click here to see larger image

The res was much better, but HelloPicasa wouldn't upload anything bigger than what you see at the link. If you download the pic at the link the picture takes you to you should be able to see it with better resolution.

Professional looking?

The reason their team is called Winchester BLAST is because some of the team members are from Winchester, and BLAST is an acronym for the first names of the team.

Cya guys!


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