I now pronounce you. . . .

Today, my mother and I went to the wedding of some close friends of ours. A few years ago at a different wedding, the groom at this wedding had completely ceram-wrapped the honeymoon vehicle. So a few of us decided that today was payback time.


  • 1 Nissan Maxima
  • 27 rolls of cheap toilet paper
  • 1 deck of Bicycle playing cards
  • 14 plastic cups
  • 20 feet of nylon string
  • 1 stick of white shoe polish
  • 12 very jovial guys

You can guess the results.

We took all their luggage from the backseat and placed it in the trunk, then wrote "We have your bags" on the window. The car was so stuffed with toilet paper that we had trouble closing the doors. The leftover tubes were put to good use too; they adorned the radio antenna and the windshield wipers.

Once we get the pictures that we took, I'll see if I can post them as well.

Happy Wedding Day, Dan & Andrea!

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