New look

Hey guys, Do you like the new look of the website? It took a lot of HTML mental gymnastics, but I finally was able to create the image in Adobe and paste it onto the website header. Questions? Comments?


GabrielB said...

Cool! We have Adobe Photoshop, but it shuts down whenever we try to save anything.

David S. MacMillan III said...

Don't try to save it. Rather, close all the extra windows in it and view the picture as full-screen as possible with Adobe.

Then, press "Ctrl"+"Print Screen/SysRq" or "Ctrl"+"Print Screen" depending on what key it is. This will copy the screen display onto the clipboard.

Open a new JPEG with Microsoft Paint. Press "Ctrl"+"V". Crop the border off of the image, and save. Tah-dah!

GabrielB said...

Well, what I do is I make it on Adobe Photoshop, do "Print Screen," put it on Paint, save it as BMP, and then use Gimp to change it to JPEG. That's how I got the "welcome.JPEG" image with Tengwar (Elvish) onto my site. It works, but I really need to get a better way to do it.

David S. MacMillan III said...

Interestingly enough, you can save an image as a JPEG with Paint under the "Save As" box. That eliminates the Gimp step.

Tom said...

Sure I like it,

But can you do that to mine?