The Fate of Space Shuttle Discovery Rests on . . . Ducktape?

That's right, our astronauts have lots of ingenuity when it comes to in-orbit repair. They used a hacksaw, ductape, and some kind of clamp to create a makeshift shield remover.

Some kind of asbestos stripping worked itself loose during launch. This stripping is only necessary during launch; varying aerodynamics make it worthless in return. But now, since it is sticking out, it would cause a huge temperature increase if left in for re-entry. So, the astronauts constructed this little appliance to cut it off if they couldn't rip it off with their thickly gloved hands. The mission was a success. It's just another tribute to the power of Ducktape!

In Him,



Travis said...

LOL. Duck Tape saves the day once again!

David S. MacMillan III said...

Interestingly enough, "Duck Tape" should not be a trademark; it is the actual name of the stuff. This name came from G.I.s who said that water comes off of it like "water off a duck's back" hence the name. If Ducktape Inc. wants to rename it "Ductape", they are welcome to.

Eric (the dented one) said...

Hey David, have you seen the movie Apollo 13? If you have a language filter, you should check it out. It is just another example of the ingenuity of our astronauts.

Peace out