So What Do I Call This Post?

Hey Cyberspace, I don't really know what I'm going to be writing about today. I hope you can follow it. To start with, my brother Theo wrote an excellent article on his website about Job 40 and 41. Click here to read it. My mom's letter to the editor was published in the Herald-Liberal recently. Since they put past articles in the archives and you have to pay to see it, I'm going to post it here:

Military Evangelicals

Some people are decrying the fact that evangelicals are playing an increasing role in the military. Those courageous soldiers volunteered. They are willing to give up their lives to protect each American's ability to live in this great land. And even though many Americans slander them, these dedicated soldiers turn the other cheek. Sounds like their stance is a Biblical one. Jesus Christ did the same thing. He overlooked man's sin and took our punishment, raising himself from death to give us eternal life. We must be thankful that we have troops who won't tuck tail and run, scoffing all the way. We can't depend on moral weaklings to do noble tasks. Do the complainers think that there should be a ban on Christians in the military? What will they do when they get their way and Muslim fanatics decide it's time to come to their doors? There will be a Christian there to lay his life down for a friend or enemy. K. MacMillan
So, what do you think about that? By the way, I've got some good news. StatCounter sends weekly updates about your website with statistics on the number of visitors. For the past week, I had an average of
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Rabenstrange said...

Your mom getting published is pretty cool and her point is a good one.