KLove, Answers In Genesis, Amy Baughman, Carl Kerby, and Yours Truly!

Hey Cyberspace,

You may recall one of my old posts concerning a family who gave $470,000 for the completion of the Answers In Genesis Creation Museum Planetarium in Cincinnati. I sent a news tip to K-Love Radio in the hope that they would mention this on the air.

A few days ago, I was listening to the morning show on K-Love when I heard a Closer Look presentation by Amy Baughman. As it turned out, she had gone to Cincinnati and taken a full tour of the developing Museum with Carl Kerby. She taped the tour and did a three-minute Closer Look all about the new Museum. K-Love put the full, 12-minute version of the presentation online here.

Answers In Genesis wrote a short blogpost about the visit on the Museum Blog. Needless to say, I called K-Love and left a message on Edd Lanane's voicemail to ask whether it was my news tip that triggered the visit.

About 30 minutes later, the phone rings and guess who I'm talking to? Amy Baughman. She told me that they had received basically the same tip a few days before from AiG itself. But, she assured me, they would've done just about the same thing if they had gotten my tip first: "That Museum is wonderful! Have you been up there?"

I was just a little bit shellshocked, but . . . oh well. Brushes with celebrity don't happen every day!

In Him,



SecDef said...

Forgive me....is Amy Baughman famous?

Kristin said...

That's really cool! I really would like to make it to the museum when it's finished.

David Ketter said...

Sorry, have to echo SecDef on this one...

Congratulations...I guess...lol

David S. MacMillan III said...

lol, SecDef! Kinda. If you ever listen to KLove radio, you'll know her as the head of the Closer Look/News portion of the nationally broadcast KLove station. So, people all over the US hear her talking about the latest breaking news. It was just kinda interesting to get a call from someone who is known by that many people.

Say, Kristin:

I'm a lifetime charter member of the Museum, so if you're ever in the Cincy area even before it is finished I might be able to get you a free tour! You've got my email.


It's not really anything too amazing; just kinda neat.

Kristin said...

Okay David. I go past Cincy every so often. We're possibly going to visit some friends in the Knoxville Tenn. area in Oct. Maybe sometime then. We'll have to see. I'll let you know.

MVB said...

Wow! That's really cool! Do any of you guys listen to WABC's Sean Hannity show? Well, he had this concert once at Great Adventure, and I went, and got to meet Oliver North (tell me you know who he is..), Ann Coulter, Ron Cooby,and Bret Schundler ( NJ governor candidate). I got to see Sean Hannity ( didn't actually shake hands or talk to him or anything...) and a bunch of country music singers! Anyway, that was my cool "famous person meeting." :) For me it, was really fun. :)

Kristin said...

That's cool MVB. Sounds like you had a fun time.

Yes I do listen to him. He's never come near here (Detroit Mich.). I wish I could see him sometime.

Tash said...

I just went to the Creation Museum and it was looking great! The Planetarium
is going to be really neat as well. I posted some pictures I took of the tour on my blog if you’re interested.

I think the word verification thing is great! I hate going to good blogs and seeing the comments section stuffed with spam.