An Argument with Earth: Concrete 1, David 0

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On-the-spot news sources indicate that yesterday at around 5 pm David MacMillan, author of the popular blog "In Rejection of Mediocrity", was at his suburban home watching his sister play with a small scooter. He walked up to and uttered the words which generally precede regrettable incidents: "Hey, watch this!" Moments later David found himself sprawled on the driveway. Somehow his balance had become slightly out-of-touch and as a result he catapulted over the scooter, catching himself on his left palm. Measurements indicate that a force of over 700 Newtons shot up his arm and across his bent elbow joint, leaving him lying in pain on the concrete. David complained of intense nausea at the time of the accident and a subsequent limited range of radial motion in his injured limb. Little was thought of the incident until later at around 9 PM, when news trucks caught footage of his mother examining his arm in their garage right after she arrived home. Mrs. MacMillan eluded the media that followed the family van away from the house, but it is now known that David was taken to the nearby hospital and admitted for intense swelling of his left elbow. The X-rays (shown below) were just released to the Associated Crush by David's media agent, Dr. Letitslip Talksalot. They show a separation of growth plates in the wrist and a bad sprain of the ligaments and muscles of the elbow.

David declined an interview, but it is generally thought that his blogability (the measure of his ability to blog) will be decreased by a large factor over the next week or so. An image (not shown here) was obtained of the arm in a hospital sling. "It is unlikely," said Dr. Talksalot, "that the arm will be casted."

Associated Crush, Washington, B.C.

In Him, David "Sprained" MacMillan III


Alex Jordan Harris said...

Praying for you, David... Get well soon!

God bless!

MVB said...

Hope you get better soon!

Bryce said...

Yes, get well soon. I just found your blog from the Rebelution link. I have had many debates with you on Generation Joshua forums. I was "BDMontana". Remember me? It is good to find you again.

Elbow-joint said...

Check out this introduction article on Elbow-joint: