Ariel Sharon Suffers Stroke, Israeli Politics Flipped

Breaking News Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke and cerebral hemmorage, sending the Israeli government into an uproar. The stroke came just as Sharon prepared to enter the hospital to have a surgical procedure done. He had suffered a minor stroke in December 2005 and had been placed on blood-thinning medication. At this time a hole in his heart was found that was scheduled to be repaired today, January 5th. The decision to place Sharon on blood thinners has been highly criticized by members of his party, as it contributed greatly to the cerebral hemmorage that took place yesterday. A cerebral hemmorage occurs when a weak blood vessel in the brain bursts, spilling blood all over the brain. The blood thinner, an anticoagulant, prevented the spilled blood from clotting, aggravating his injury. During Sharon's incapacitation, power has been transferred to Israeli vice-premier Ehud Olmert. If Sharon is permanently disabled, Olmert will remain in power for 100 days, during which a crisis election will be held.
This sudden change comes as a shock to the Israeli political system. Sharon's popularity before his second stroke was 80%, and he was a favorite to win a third term in the upcoming elections. Now, with the figurehead of the centrist party Kadima possibly gone, the Israeli people will be forced to look elsewhere for their leader. Sharon was a Prime Minister very friendly to the Palestinian state as Israeli Prime Ministers go. It was he who expelled thousands of Israeli settlers from their homes in the then-Israeli-held Gaza strip, opening it up to the Palestinians. This act, apparently an effort to appease the Palestinian authority, was in the opinion of many quite foolhardy. The Palestinian goal is to take all of Israel "piece by peace" if they cannot take it by force: a strategy that Sharon played into quite well. I quote Dr. David Reagan:

"Arafat spelled out his current strategy several years ago to the Arab world, and the strategy was later adopted officially by the terroristic Palestine Liberation Organization. It is called the "phased plan." Realizing that they could not defeat Israel with war or terrorism, they decided that the road to victory was deceptive diplomacy. Arafat would talk about peace in return for land, while rallying the anti-Israeli Western powers to put pressure on the Israeli government to capitulate. Once he got a toe-hold in the land, he would then use that as a base for renewed attacks on Israel. In short, he would take Israel in phases. It is a clever strategy that he has spelled on in detail in many public speeches, just as Hitler outlined his strategy in detail in Mein Kampf." (emphasis mine)Original

Now, with Sharon potentially on his deathbed and his Kadima party in shambles, perhaps the time has come for Israel to select a strong leader. A leader who will not be misled by the PLO's deceptive diplomacy. Should such an event take place and Israel end its foolhardy "Land-for-Peace" policy, the PLO will be forced to resort to terrorism and outright war. Syria would likely release the SCUD missles it has been buying from North Korea, resulting in an Israeli counteroffensive likely involving nuclear weapons. Such events could likely lead to a full-scale Middle-Eastern war as prophecied in Ezekiel 38 (Read it). So how shall we then live?

"Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.

When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." (Luke 21:8-18)

In Him, David S. MacMillan III

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David Ketter said...

Is it possible this is happening as a judgement from God? It has been threatened by God that all who seek to break and fight the Covenants shall be under His wrath...do you think that is the case here?