Katrina Victims Finally Come Home

My readers may remember the family I spoke of several months ago that lost their home in Hurricane Katrina. Since some of their relatives attend our local fellowship, this family has stayed in my city for around 4 months. The family consists of Mrs. Sarah and her two sons, Ryan and George (not their real names). Their father is on a police force in the Gulf area. I was able to help Ryan set up a website to try to help teens displaced by Katrina and Rita find out where their friends are. Mrs. Sarah is battling cancer and cannot drive, so our family was able to take her to and from her chemo appointments. Our families have grown close over the past few months. Recently we located a home for sale that the owner was willing to rent out. Its size and location was perfect for Mrs. Sarah and her family, so today we were able to move most of their belongings into their new dwelling. Everyone in this area has been extremely generous. A local carpet store gave hundreds of dollars worth of carpets to warm the new home free, and other businesses gave the family discounts and other things to help make the new house a home. Please thank the Lord for these generous people, and keep this family in your prayers. This is a hard time for them, but things are beginning to look up. In Him, David S. MacMillan III


Kierstyn Paulino said...

Thats awesome!

I know (from experience) that hardships have a way of bringing people together...Great blog.

(BTW, are you StandonBible on the genJ forums?)


David S. MacMillan III said...

Hey Kierstyn,

Thanks for the comment!

Yes, I am standonbible from the GenJ forums. Or I was until I ran out of time to post on there and my subscription ran out. I think I am the original standonbible too; if you Google "standonbible" sites referencing yours truly are the only things that pop up. . . .

Tonight we were moving a bunch of other stuff over to the new house. We have a Toyota minivan with removable seats and we were considering 3 or 4 loads to get about half the stuff we needed to move. Then a neighbor drives by and offers to let us use her Dodge 4X4 and 15-foot trailer.

In short, we did in 2 hours and 1 trip what we thought would take several days. God bless that lady who helped us!

Still, keep this family in your prayers.

In Him,