New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Over at The Account, David Ketter has a very interesting article on New Year's Resolutions. He sees the traditional resolution to "do better", even among Christians, as telling God, "Well, You can help me here, but only on my terms." Check out his article. On the other hand, the Harris twins over at the Rebelution have a different outlook. They hold to the principle that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Take a look at their article here. Honestly, I think that both sides are expressing the same viewpoint in a different way. But a little controversy never hurt anyone! While I am at it, I have decided to post a resolution for this blog. This is not something that I have tried and failed to do in the past, just a new direction I think this blog should go. Traditionally, this blog has been composed of medium-to-long informative articles that are nonetheless interesting enough to keep your attention. I usually wait for other people to link to my articles. I will not be deserting my daily (or daily wannabe) column, but I do resolve to have more posts like this, where I reference what is going on in the homeschool blogosphere. I will also try to have more links in this type of post. The way I see it, it is better for everyone to have many short posts full of links than it is to have an occasion long post without any. To help me with this, I need all my readers to join the effort and inform me of newsworthy topics going around the blogosphere and in the news. Rather than writing a long article on my opinions, I will try to provide quips from various sources complete with links, and a shorter summary of my views.

To inform me quickly and easily, click the "News Room" link at the top of my sidebar.

So what do YOU think of the new approach?

In Him,

David S. MacMillan III

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David Ketter said...

Thanks for the link! And I like your idea about the linking.

If you read Lindsey's question and my answer, you'll see that I think our views are compatible and, actually, inter-locking. :D