My sincerest apologies for my slight hiatus from blogging over the past week. Between juggling my paralegal course, working on a website for the CHC Student Leadership Council, and designing a new jet engine that works equally well in space, I have simply had no time for the blog. But hopefully this will change. Yesterday I attended the 6th annual Men's Night Out at Porter Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. They had a very interesting speaker for the night: ex-mobster Michael Franzese. I will be making a few posts on his testimony soon. Until later. . . . In Him, David S. MacMillan III


Abigail Snyder said...

You're taking the Paralegal course from OBCL? What do you think of it? I've been considering that, but I haven't decided if I would rather do a paralegal or JD yet.

David S. MacMillan III said...

Hey Abigail,

Yes, I am taking the Paralegal course. It is rather intensive and takes up a lot of my time, but I am learning quite a bit and it is fun . . . in a way.

The Legal Assistant course goes from August to August. It is divided into four quarters with a two-week break between each quarter. The minimum study requirement is 20 hours per week, which is quite a lot for me considering that I have other subjects and that I do not do school on Fridays.

The Paralegal course is a two-year associates degree condensed into 12 months. Things move pretty fast, so you have to be careful not to fall behind.

The good thing about the Paralegal course, however, is that it is pretty universal. It applies all over the U.S., not just in California.

However, from what I know, the JD only deals with California law. So you are pretty limited as to what you can do with it, and the Bar you take only allows you to practice in California.

So I would do the Paralegal course, especially since it is 12 months and the JD program is 4 years. But that is probably just me.

Hope that long-winded dissertation answers your question!

In Him,

David S. MacMillan III

Abigail Snyder said...

Yes! Actually, I'm getting ready to study for my English Comp CLEP test so that I can apply. God has really been leading me towards the OBCL paralegal degree. I'm excited about it! I will actually be taking it as my senior year in highschool...it should be fun.

David S. MacMillan III said...

The English CLEP seemed pretty easy for me. However, make sure that you get the right code for OBCL when you take the test; otherwise you will have to pay a bunch of fees in order to get your [high] score sent to OBCL.

Also, figure out what the deal is with your composition. I am not even that you have to have it, and I never found out where it went. Oh well. Maybe you can figure out and tell me.

I am taking it my junior year.

In Him,

David S. MacMillan III

Lindsey said...

No problem, we understand! :)

Corby said...

Read you story on AIG and wanted to stop by and say good work. Praise God for your wisdom, patience and discernment. We are home schooling our children and I can only hope they will be as well educated and well spoken as you.
Corby in Houston, TX

Blade said...

Loved your article on the AIG website.
I am now addicted to your blog.
Great to see someone so young with such a passion for Christ.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

your mom's in him